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FREE ENERGY NEWS  19/12/2015


19/12/2015  I Still have had little time to spend on my inventions because of work commitments, and its all working away from home so no building.  

I have done very little experimenting this year, but the good news is I have done a lot of designing, and have a lot more experiments to try. Lucky I can still draw up designs when I am working away.

I have at least 30 designs to build, this year I have only built one that is still not finished, so progress is slow. What I hope to be doing next year, is posting my to build list on its own page, so at least you can take a look at the designs, and see if anyone would like to sign up and take on a design, if they like one. That way the designs maybe built a lot quicker.

I see that there is a group of billionaires trying to move clean energy forward, but a lot of there projects are energy storage systems, my thinking is, its okay for short term emergency backup systems, but they are way to expensive for making Wind, Solar, and Tidal Energies grid friendly, and would need to be massive to store thousands of megawatts. We cannot afford to waste 10 to 40 percent of our energy production, transforming energy into stored energy and back again. Maybe some people are expecting the light to go out soon? Well they would be better off looking for a total rethink on the way we make energy, and maybe switch more of there attentions on New up and coming Ideas, But after looking what's out there now maybe not.


23/05/2014   Here is a good web site for new products. Email them and ask to be added to their email list, you will be glad you did!

The two articles that you need to look at this week is the new battery from Japan, and the new electric motorcycle, this could be a leap forward to an all Electric future.

New "dual carbon" battery charges 20 times faster than Li-ion

Too fast, too strong, too scary: Electric Lightning LS-218 will be the fastest production bike on the planet

All we need to do now is make Clean Electricity from Nature, Gravity sustains the planetary movements thus is a proven input, so we only have to tap it, there is enough energy in tidal energy to power our Energy needs. If Gravity can move such large volumes of mass for nothing (according to Known Physics "not me") then it is a force that can be tapped, thus the Geo Genny, which is designed to tap Gravity by allowing the force of Gravity to provide torque to already rotating levers and generators.

Geo Genny up date,

I start building a two Generator, one lever option tomorrow, the two Generators are on one side of the wheel (rotating frame) and the Weighted Lever is on the other side of the Wheel, and there is a number of gears and chain across the wheel to drive the Generators at a good RPM when the wheel is rotated, the generators drive a electric motor fitted to the Rotating Frame (wheel) this turns the wheel via a ring gear mounted on the grounded frame, there is a ratchet gear on the drive motor so the rotating frame can be hand rotated until the generators can take over, there are fixed counterbalance weights and moving counterbalance weights to balance the rotating frame through out every 360 degrees of rotation. If I do not have to work to far from home it should take about 6 days of my leisure time so that is six to twelve weeks if I have to work abroad then it may take a year, because I cannot take it with me!


I have been doing the free energy news rounds again, and cannot find much to interest me, although if you are a UK Company with new energy technologies you may want to know about this,  

Energy Catalyst - £25m Funding to Accelerate Innovation in Energy      

Emailed to me from,  (link would not copy) it may be worth getting on their email list if you are in any of the UK Energy Sectors, because they are involved with the lot, and have this sort of thing going on all the time for different sectors. I may even apply myself if I can get a working prototype finished in time. 01/08/14 I have decided to put together a package and apply to the above for help, there is nothing to lose and who knows I could get some help that will speed up my progress, I would dearly love to build more designs and apply some of the techniques I have been playing with. 


I have been looking around the internet to search my new designs and cannot find any similar designs.                                                          

I cannot help but think that there is very little good designs out there that could make much different to the way we make energy, this has also increase my desire to try and make a different.


BlackLight Power Inc

I have been sent a Email  from Tom at the New energy Movement suggesting I look at Black light, so I took a look, my first thought is it is over rated based on what I Know about the Known technologies, I cannot see how they can tap all that light on such a small cell arrangement also with the speed of the flash, I could not find the input power ratings to do the sums. Any way even if they are way out with sums it may still have room to be a step forward.

PS, at first I thought it was a April the first prank, "Black light creates  50,000 times brighter light than the Sun."


Geo Genny up date 01/08/2014

I must apologize for the lack of progress on this site,

all the work is done in my spare time, and as you all know we do not get much of that, plus my main frame is outside so winter is a no go. I do have a stack of experiments I have done on videos  but I am not willing to give away my information until all work is finished on them, I may post some drawings of stuff I have been designing and will not get time to build for years, I have a good number of builds to do now, they have past the quick bolt on some bits test and see if its worth taking to the next stage. 

I built a couple more test models. I am glad of some time off to start building a lot of designs that have been floating around in my head they are now scribbled down on paper, it is time to experiment to make sure they are as good as they look. I cannot believe how everything is coming together and the answers seem so simple now. I have found a very simple mechanism that can increase most of my designs efficiency by very large amounts, it is the most simple yet mechanically clever invention I have came up with for years. I cannot wait to get started on this new simple mechanism. I built some more experiment last weekend and found that the push over wheel system used on the Geo Genny can also be used on out of balance wheel design because of the little amount of energy it takes to rotate the wheel system even when they are under heavy leverage loads.

I have dug the setup out that I used for the video and am now doing experiments with it on a number of weight shift designs. I am using the push over wheels as a rotating lever angle holding system instead of using weights on the main levers I now just use the push over wheels, this make the system much lighter and means I will get a better power to weight ratio in the systems. In short it may be possible to make a full on gravity wheel, which is the Holly Grail of the Free Energy Systems, and to date no one has ever shown a gravity wheel system working without another energy input, even my Geo Genny will need another energy input to get it going until the loop can be closed but still needs a electric motor to drive it, where as the Holy Grail would only need Gravity to move weights to rotate the wheel.


I have been building one of my out of balance wheel design this week, using the Geo Genny push over wheels to hold a top heavy weight shift design in place. It should be complete by the end of the week if it stops raining. the push over wheel design can be used where it is required for many design, although because the design I am working on is top heavy I well put a wheel on both sides of the pushed over lever wheel for safety, to prevent a unwanted fall back, just encase Centrifugal forces becomes a problem. 01/08/14 the push over wheel balanced the forces in this design but did not take much to turn the system even though they was supporting the weights.

Note, Out of Balance wheels is one of my hobbies and is the opposite to my main free energy work, wherein I try to make lever systems balance and tap the leverage from a second input form gravity acting on the levers, the one I am building is simple and will show the efficiency of the push over wheels, and I have all the bits I need already. I have to make gearing for the Geo Genny so that project will take more time than I have for the moment, by building this design at least I can get one design finished until I have more time, I have too many projects going on so I have to do the best I can with my time.

23/05/2014     I modelled the above and some other very good designs over the last few weekends although they did not work I think you will like the designs, on paper they look really good and are worthy of posting the drawing here, I cannot say when, because I have so many drawing to draw to a reasonable standard and post here, this to bring the web site up to date, "I just do not get the time". 01/08/14 There is a mark 3 to build before I can post the set of drawings and descriptions, but first I will return to work on a Geo Genny prototype now I know I am following the right line of inquiry ( gravity induced torque on rotating lever systems in near counterbalance states, to tap and use high torque kinetic energy before it would be lost in the system).

01/08/14 I will be concentrating on some of the many Geo Genny designs again now I can build a cheap ring gear to drive them with, the first will be a two generator set up and one lever driving the two generators, one generator is for the drive motor, the second generator is to drive some lights, it will be started by hand to get it up to speed then the ratchet linked drive motor should kick in. I will build it this way because of the loses I was getting using bearings for slip ring, and the fact that when both generator was link together they would not synchronise and pulled down the voltage, I could of got over this with some electronics but there should be no need for this experiment, because now there will be a clean and separate connection between the generators and their loads. This will take up most of my spare time for 3 months.     


Addressing Problems that people think the Geo Genny has. scroll down to just below the photos.

Here is my next build, it will not be the same but a variation of this drawing.

I will not get the time for a few months, which is not a bad thing because its cold out side, and that the only place I can build it.

Below is a conversion of a balance taken from

Donald Simanek's Roberval Balance page in his Museum of Unworkable Devices.

Note, The gearing shown here move via the leverage force, they are all mounted to the spoke (rotating frame) via bearing pivots, it would be better to have just a cog on the lever and generator chain linked across the spoke, this is to balance the leverage force across the spoke thus removing most of the negative out of balance and spreading it across the spoke as with the Roberval Balance. You would be very surprised how weights and leverage balance across a rotating frame, this is why nobody has  made a working out of balance wheel Machine, the above site will help you understand more and help you see that it is what made the out of balance devices fail, on the above site is what makes my designs work on this site, the use of the counterbalance to gain high torque from Gravity while needing low torque to rotate a rotating frame in a near counterbalance state.

A = Axle, F = Frame, G = Generator, GL = geared linkage, WL = weighted lever. Counter weight will be added for balance. All the gear linkage are free running on the rotating frame. 


Here is something I built more out of desperation than what I wanted to build I could not afford the parts I wanted so I built this out of all the bits I had left from years of experiments. 


23/12/2014   This design was mainly built to see how much the shift in the centre of gravity would be in relation to the resistance of the generators and the negative shift of the centre of gravity, which in this build was equal to the generator resistance as predicted on my video, wherein the Geo Genny push over wheels have a built in centre of gravity shift to a over positive position is built in at the start. The main other problem was the rubber belts had too much elasticity in them which made for a very unstable drive train and delays in leverage transfer, another problem was a unclean electricity transfer using the two axles instead of the slip rings, also the two generators would not synchronize so I could not use two generators to drive the one motor. It was all I had to work with at the time so I built it, no problems came to light that could not be fixed, and showed me that I was on the right track with the invention of preloading counter measures to dramatically reduce the effects of unwanted negative shifts in the centre of gravity. There was no build up of negative torque between the frame and the generators which some people told me would be there and was not, so in short, things are looking good for my original design as indicated on the video. My next build though will not have very good centre of gravity shift counter measures, but hopefully good enough to close the loop, yet again it will be all I can afford and not what I need, it will be a improvement on this build though that's for sure.     



The most asked question!

When can I see your invention with a generator working ?”

That is a good question, when can I afford the parts is the answer! 

Addressing Problems that people think the Geo Genny has.

The main problem some people have with the Geo Genny is they think it will take the same energy to drive the motor as if the generators where driven by cogs on a static ring gear, I have seen no signs of this to date, if it did it could be easily fixed, read below.

When placing two or more Geo Genny setups on opposite sides of a geared balance type of rotating frame improves the Geo Genny setups efficiency even better than the push over wheels. This is just one of the natural improvement I have come up with as I try all the balancing techniques known and unknown and add them to my 360 pivoting levers that drive generating devices, this works with the Geo Genny and multi falling levers that tap and store there leverage energy’s to drive loads.

 I only mentioned the above so you can see that when 2 Geo Genny setups are placed on a rotating frame on opposite sides of the axel the only way they can stall the drive is with a negative shift of the centre of gravity, this is overcome by geared counterbalance weight and other counter balance measures.     

There a lot of problems people are seeing that do not exist, the rest have been addressed with my ongoing works. The generators resistance does push the levers over, and therefore does lift the levers, this translates to a negative shift in the centre of gravity. When the push over wheel are use I have to say that the levers weight and leverage would be twice that of the need torque to overcome the generators resistance, so could not lift them off the wheels but would be trying to lift a superior weight and leverage so the generators would be totally over powered.

In short it is the negative shift in the centre of gravity that was the main problem I have overcome. Like I keep on saying, if you can rotate lever systems in a near balance and tap there leverage forces, then you can get more energy out than the energy put in to drive the system, the energy gain comes from the efficient use of gravity.

That is not over unity that is a free second input from gravity that is bigger than the drive energy input. This does not contradict know physics in general.

I am also mapping out a track and roller counter balance weight system, as well as different balancing techniques  wherein the counter balance weight rolls to a constant change of position equal to the negative shift of the lever systems centre of gravity. There can be a number of tracks and roller all over the wheel (rotating frame) and static weights mounted to the wheel to help a positive balance across the rotating frame (wheel).

There are many option I am exploring while I try to save up for more parts, one of my favourites at the moment is a multi-generator and lever system similar to the one on the video, but it would be mounted on one half of a wheel (rotating frame) and the other half of the wheel is use with a number of different counterbalance measures, some fixed and some moving.

My next build though is what I can afford not what I would like to build, its has one generator on one side of the wheel and the lever is working the generator from the other side of the wheel via gears and chain linkage, then counter weights are added where needed.


Current Website Status. 23/12/2014

This website needs to be putt in order and more information added, but that is a low priority, first there are designs to be built!


Note this web site and all of the experiments have been totally self funded up to date 01/08/2014, apart from two generator that Josh Costar kindly sent me, Thank you very much Josh!!!


Geo Genny Over view, (01/08/2014 I will be posting a new drawing here soon with a better balancing system I have been working on).

One of the main features of this design is that when the main wheel (rotating frame) is rotated 360 degrees, there is a 360 degree high torque angle change between the rotating weighted levers pivots, and the generators gearboxes, the only down side is there is a large negative imbalance due to the shift in the centre of gravity, thus the push over wheels are needed to push the levers over a greater distance to improve the levers combined leverage angles and dramatically reduce the negative imbalance, and support the shift of the centre of gravity. Before the push over lever wheels was added the force needed to rotate the main wheel was equal to the negative imbalance of the levers, thus the input needed to drive the Geo Genny was equal to the gravity assisted output. Now due to the reduction of negative forces means the energy input needed to rotate the system is far less than the kinetic energy gained from gravity assisted leverage, this is using energy efficiency to gain a free energy output greater than the now lower energy input.     

Will the Geo Genny work? yes it will work, it is driven by a external power supply! But without a working model its output efficiency cannot be measured, one thing is clear it is always going to be heavy as its main input is gravity, if it works at 200 percent efficiency then it would be the answer needed to replace our energy systems, I personally expect its efficiency to be a lot higher than 200 percent,

There is no question of will the Geo Genny work, the only question is how efficient will it be, to drive a generator directly with a electric motor could at best be 90 % efficient as there is no second energy input, but by using Gravity as a second energy input to induce torque  on the generator gear boxes shafts its efficiency should be very good at well over 200 %, there is only one way to find out the size of the energy gain and that is to build it.

When looking at the Geo Genny you will see that the means of generating the torque on the generator gearboxes shafts is actually rotating with the generator gearboxes this is a very Important part of the design, it allows  kinetic energy from gravity to input into the system creating a torque force on the lever pivots, this is the greater input of energy compared to the energy needed to rotate the device.

If I am right we have just spent over a 4 year building wind turbines and alike we did not need, how stupid is it not to know if there is a cheap clean sustainable energy system to replace the old ways we make electricity? Very!

Balanced rotating frames with Gravity assisted outputs is a new science based on my hundreds of experiments and thousands of scenarios, the basic principle is to use counterbalance leverage systems needing low rotation input while gaining high torque from gravity's input on the moving parts, this technology is new I have done patent and other searches and there is no record of any designs using these techniques. 























































































































































I may I have found the answer to the energy problem. 

The Geo Genny is a Mechanical Anomaly (a gravity assisted gearbox) that should not be possible but its there! just waiting to be used and to shape our Energy Future, in my test rig below there is 96kg force shared between 8 pivots on the out rim, it only needs 8kg to rotate the wheel 5.5cm off the axle, that is a very efficient gear box that can not be matched with known Technology! OK the test rig is built with junk but over 30 year of self funded experiment has taken it toll on my wallet.

Videos of the Geo Genny torque tests

Here is a shorter video of the Geo Genny

The Geo Genny is a new concept that should replace the old ways we make Electricity, as you would expect there is not much help as it is to new and to different for people to get there heads around, I have done what I can with what I have, so when looking at the Videos do not expect anything fancy, there just torque tests with what I had to hand they do prove a torque gain in the system of 8 to 1, this is suppose to be impossible but there it is. There was also other experiments done at the same time, one of which was there was 4.4kg weights hanging off the cogs on the main wheel, when the wheel was rotated by the centre cog there was very little difference in the pull needed that the test shown even though the levers were working against all that extra weight.

The Geo Genny concept Is all about using gravity operated leverage in a very efficient way to gain a 1 to 8 ratio, 1 paid for energy input and 8 outputs free from the input of gravity, the 1 in paid for energy input is to rotate (drive ) the Geo Genny in the Earth's gravitational field, using the input of the constant flow of the kinetic energy from gravity acting on the rotating weighted levers to drive 8 generators via gearboxes to convert the torque force from gravity to do useful work, like power our homes and Hydrogen cars.

The Geo Genny is better explained as a gravity assisted gear box that lends it self to off the shelf wind turbine gearboxes, generators and know hydraulic drive systems, so the R&D would not take much because the output systems and input systems are tried and tested already. When scaled up it can be driven by 6 megawatts to rotate it, and drive 16 x 3 megawatt gearbox driven generators (42 megawatts output), A Geo Genny would pay for it self within 4 years. Gravity provides a torque on the levers that take a preloaded leverage position so when rotated 360 degree there is leverage torque on the generators gearbox shafts, the levers rotate with there pivots and generators so the generator resistance is countered without effecting the drive load to much. Because the levers rotate with the Geo Genny there is a renewable supply of kinetic energy from the force of Gravity due to the Geo Genny movement in the gravitational field, thus gravity is converted, there would be no over unity due to system losses, there is however a greater input from Gravity than the paid for input needed to rotate the Geo Genny, this is about one to eight, but there are ratios that can be adjusted to increase this. 42 megawatts free from nature has to be taken seriously, there are many derelict sites located where the energy is needed ( in the City’s), The above scenario would be the equivalent to using 48 x 3 mega watt wind turbines, or 144 x 1 mega watt wind turbines. The Geo Genny would not be small ( about the size of the Falkirk Wheel ), but would be a lot smaller than 144 wind turbines, and placed under ground or in building.

The Geo Genny, Energy from Gravity



Videos of the Geo Genny torque tests

When you look at the Geo Genny's rotating levers try to see them as torque wrenches, the torque needed to overcome the generators is the torque setting so weight at the end of the levers would be add until the leverage is double the torque setting so when rotated the generators torque is totally overwhelmed, first you need to find the torque setting (the generators required torque) then you can build the Geo Genny to double the torque required, in one test not shown on you tube I doubled the weight on the levers and it only made a small percentage of deferent’s to the centre of the main wheel needed pull.

Here is a shorter video of the Geo Genny 21/09/10,  Note, because the pull round test is pulled from a peg it take a bit of practise to get the right pull angle so it is the average of all the pulls you should be looking at. As you will see the pulls are from a stop and are reduce once motion is started, this is the same with every machine and is called a start up power surge which is normally more the double a running machines energy input.

Figure 2 shows a view looking from the back of a 4 generator Geo Genny,



Geo Genny Physics


A comparison, Without the push over wheels there would be little gain from gravity, if you look at the alone lever on the right above, BP = bearing pivot for the lever and where it would connect to a generator, W = lever weight, if the generator resistance was 1 Nm then when rotated the lever would move from A to B, if there where 8 of them pivoting on a wheel then there new B position would create a large negative imbalance on the main wheel, It needs the push over wheels or a balancing linkage across the frame, I will post some drawings of some of the many mechanical options I have found to over come this problem if and when I get time. The Geo Genny pushes the levers over past the point of where the generator resistance would move them so there is a greater torque on the generators to totally overwhelm them, the push over wheels system move the combined levers weight to a new centre of gravity allowing greater torque on the lever and generator shafts, at a fraction of the force of that of the would have been negative force of a large weight imbalance on the main wheel, resulting in high efficiency in the Geo Genny system. There are many other ratio than can be used, the size of the Geo Genny and RPM, wheel sizes, generator gearbox ratio, levers size, weight, leverage, once you know the generators full working torque then you can design the Geo Genny to suit the generators and overwhelm them with a greater leverage force.


Where does the energy come from?

Energy Economics

For Gravity operated devices using levers

Where does the energy gain come from? When the energy laws became law one of the assumption was that there could be no mechanical energy gain in a system, and if a weighted lever falls then it would take just as much energy to lift that lever back to the same height plus friction loses, what no one took into account was if someone found a way of lifting the weighted lever very efficiently then the energy saved in the system could become a energy output in a system less friction loss of course, this is providing the kinetic energy gained from gravity and the levers is tapped and used efficiently,

Making levers reset efficiently and using the energy saving as a output has been the back bone of my research and has led to the Multi Lever Phenomenon, and the Geo Genny and more.

Here is some rough examples,

Known Failed Perpetual Motion Designs

For ever 10 Newton metres of gravity’s force acting on weighted levers on the known perpetual motion machine designs would take 11 Newton metres of force to reset the levers or even more for really bad high friction designs, so the energy laws where born because there was no other models at the time, looking at the history of these weight shift design you can see that there is no way they will work, why anyone would use then to prove that there must be a natural law that will prevent them from working is beyond me, just looking at there geometry should have been enough.

The Multi Lever Phenomenon

Based on 64 lever design where the levers are mounted transverse and fall on both sides of the wheel using known hydraulic systems to tap the leverage and drive the wheel, this system uses levers in a counterbalance that when rotated they automatically reset to fall on both sides of the wheel, there geometry (A becomes B and B becomes A) resets the levers, that happens when the wheel rotates, there is no direct lifting of the levers only a counterbalance rotational lift.

For ever 10 Newton metres of gravity’s force acting on weighted levers on this design it would take 8 Newton metres of force to reset the levers, so there is 2 Newton metre of force saving in the system that could be used as a output torque to do external work. This would not be cost effective compared to gas power stations but would be cheaper than Tidal and Nuclear power.

The Geo Genny

The Geo Genny is a gravity or input operated gearbox wherein the levers are pushed over by a number of wheel to a point where they have twice the leverage force than the generators require, thus the generators are totally over whelmed the levers are only raised during construction there after they rotate at that lever angle with a greater torque than needed, when the levers are rotated in this format there is no lever reset, when this system is rotated the levers provide a constant torque throughout there 360 degree rotation and is one of the most efficient systems I have found so far.

For ever 10 Newton metres of gravity’s force acting on weighted levers on the Geo Genny design, it would only take 1.25 Newton metres of force to rotate the lever system, so there is 8.75 Newton metres of force saving in the system that is used as a output torque free from gravity to do work such as drive Generators, this is free energy from Gravity and the systems efficiency.

The Geo Genny would be more cost effective than Gas, Coal, and Nuclear power stations, Tidal, Wind, Solar, and most of the other energy’s in use now.


My next experiment.

I have to find 2 suitable generators one is to drive the devices motor the second is for lighting array then build the Geo Genny to Match the generators, there will be no cables connected to the device, there will be no battery's, so the generator will have to be powerful enough to drive the drive motors, the Geo Genny will be started with a hand held electric drill to take it up to speed until the generators kick in and take over, the loop then can be shown closed and the lighting array will show the output no test meters needed, just a clear demonstration. 14/08/12 with the generator I am using I need to feed electro magnet rotors, so I need a battery to energise them, if not the generators will not work! but I will show volts and amp's tests that can be checked by any doubter, in short I cannot afford the parts I would have liked to have used.

It would be in the Governments and Power Company's interest to spend just a little bit of money to find out if the Geo Genny will work as predicted, this would be a lot cheaper than wasting money and time on wind turbines and power station to back them up.

There is only one thing that is stopping Hydrogen from powering our transport systems and that is clean cheap Electricity 24/7 if you have read this then you will see that it needs your full attention, this could be the answer to our energy needs!

How I see the energy future, there will be a large surge in Hydrogen powered vehicles as the Geo Genny could be a new cheap 24hr energy alternative, the green revolution is about to slip up a gear.

The search for a sustainable free energy device is over, now it is just the development of it, as far as I am concerned the Geo Genny is the answer to the energy future, its cheaper than wind and is 24/7 clean energy.

Using known balancing systems to drive generators.

Below is a conversion of a balance taken from

Donald Simanek's Roberval Balance page in his Museum of Unworkable Devices. it is worth taking a good look at this site of what does not work, you will soon see that geometry is the problem and not gravity, to do useful work the pull of gravity on both sides of the wheel (device) is needed! the back bone of my work here is to use counterbalance movement of lever systems and use there leverage forces to do work I have found many ways to do this and will post most of them here when I get the time.

17/12/2012  Also take a look at the lever balance on the above site, there is a problem with the Multi Lever Phenomenon wherein there is a negative imbalance of 50% due to holding back the levers fall, to improve this I propose to put 4 multi lever wheels in a cross formation on main wheels all linked to the  main wheels static central gearing system, this will balance all 4 multi lever wheels on the main wheels and increase the efficiency of the system, if it does not balance then the imbalance will now be rotating with the main wheels, this is because the 4 lever wheels rotate in the opposite direct on the main wheels to the direction of the main wheels, so a imbalance of the 4 lever wheels would help rotate the main wheels, the gearing would be similar to the gearing shown on the Falkirk Wheels only it would be a two to one ratio minimum so the levers still reset twice per one full turn of all the lever wheels.  It will be bigger but so will the output, I will be posting a video and drawings as soon as I can, although the Multi Lever Phenomenon is not cost effective now, this may change that. 

Here is another example, below is a conversion of one of the balance devices, wherein the forces and weight are balanced over the axle at the same time the generator resistance is overcome by the leverage force when rotated.

The drawing below shows, A = the drive motor and shaft, F = the main frame, G = a wind turbine generator and gear box with counter balance weight added, or two devices share a spoke back to back, with there levers at opposite ends, then the counter weight is not needed, GL = gearing linkage or similar, WL= weighted levers and through shaft to drive the gearing.

It is important to match the weight and leverage of the weighted levers to the generators resistance at the operating speed and load, this is to help the balance the wheel, with modern motor control systems it would be easy to match the wheels drive system to the desired RPM, so when taken up to speed the devices wheel or shaft would be in a near balanced state and would not take a lot of turning, the gearing loses can be taken care of by the levers matched design, so gravity acting on the rotating lever would be a secondary energy input creating a output with the generators, I believe that this kind of driven balanced wheel can convert the force of gravity into rotary torque to drive generator to provide a greater output than the paid for input, once the devices are taken up to speed. there are lots of different way to do the same as this design, I still believe the Geo Genny to be the best.

As the generators electro magnetic force builds up with the rotational speed of the device the lever moves out more until it exceeds the generators needed torque, even though the lever looks in a out of balance position the force acting on the weighted levers pivot would be equal to the force acting on the generators pivot, thus the forces are balanced across the frame, the counterbalance weight on the generator side of the frame keeps a weight balance across the frame, the result, it does not take a lot of energy to rotate the near balanced device, compared to the energy you get out of the generator thanks to the conversion of the force of gravity into torque on the lever pivot!

Drawing showing the device rotating anti clockwise.  

Note, The gearing shown here move via the leverage force, they are all mounted to the spoke (rotating frame) via bearing pivots, it would be better to have just a cog on the lever and generator chain linked across the spoke, this is to balance the leverage force across the spoke thus removing most of the negative out of balance and spreading it across the spoke as with the Roberval Balance. You would be very surprised how weights and leverage balance across a rotating frame, this is why nobody has  made a working Perpetual Motion Machine, the above site will help you understand more and help you see that it is what made the devices fail on the above site is what makes my designs work on this site, the use of the counterbalance to gain high torque from Gravity while needing low torque to rotate a rotating frame in a counterbalance state.



If I am right then investment in non 24/7 energy's (wind and alike ) will be a waste of money that could of been spent on Geo Gennys, this is why the Government should help me and quick as they are making decision that maybe Wrong, there main decision should be to find out the true value of the Geo Genny.

The mechanical techniques used on these devices and the devices, are the subject of Patent Applications.

The devices shown on this website are unique, and are exclusive to this A genuine sustainable free energy website. This website is about using mechanical techniques to use the kinetic energy input efficiently, so there is sufficient energy left to rotate the devices with surplus torque, this has led to the discovery of new phenomenon, watch this site for updates.

© Warning all of this websites and its contents Copy Rights are the property of Trevor Lyn Whatford.

This website may Not be used in part or whole or as a point of reference to create a story or article without first obtaining written permission. It should also be noted that the Inventor considers the disclosed Inventions as working works of Art, and intends to exhibit this art in all its variation both privately and publicly world wide with all rights reserved by the inventor and Artist. It should also be noted that because of the status of the patent system any contracts entered into with the patent system will not effect the Inventors properties and ownership rights under human rights and common Laws. Most of the inventions shown on this website are the subject of Patent Applications.

Sourced information will remain the copy right of the source! 

The Artists Description of some of his Art

The Geo Genny Artistic principals copy rights!

To build and exhibit in public or private and fully exploit in all of its many variations containing these Basic Principals,

1. Rotating weighted levers systems in a reasonable counterbalance state then tapping there leverage to do work. 

 2. using mechanical linkage connections on driven rotating weighted lever systems that are used to drive generators, wherein the forces transfers and the weight of components are kept in a reasonable state of balanced across the rotating frame to gain a gravity force input greater than the systems paid for rotary input, wherein there is much less paid for energy input required to drive a reasonable balanced load.  2003 artistic copy rights

To build and exhibit and fully exploit in all of its many variations, Any working works of art that rotates near Balanced Pivoting Lever systems to generate a greater kinetic output (by tapping the gravity induced leverage torque) than the kinetic rotary input that would turn the near balanced lever system, thus using gravity as the main input of energy to the system as discovered by the artist, Rotate a near balanced lever system wheel (rotating frame work) and capitalize on the leverage! 2003 artistic copy right.

To build and exhibit and fully exploit in all of its many variations, Any working works of art that use two wheels, set at angles and tilt to move volumes and weight, by causing compression and decompression force's, and or distance differential, helped by transferring negative side ways forces into the wheel bearings. 2003 artistic copy right.

To build and exhibit and fully exploit in all of its many variations, Any working works of art that use two wheels, set at angles and tilt to move volumes and weight, by causing compression and decompression force's, and or distance differential, helped by transferring negative side ways forces into the wheel bearings wherein a weight shift wheel or frame is placed in between the two compression wheels connected by universal joints, wherein weight is move to unbalance all three wheels or frames by ropes and pulleys and any known means using the distance differential of the wheels to do so, note any number and combinations of weight shift designs may be used in this design a number of wheels added together in between the compression wheels will be seen as one wheel or frame. 2010 artistic copy right.

To build and exhibit and fully exploit in all of its many variations, Any working works of art that use magnets using the weak point to the strong point to drive smaller magnet arrays mounted on rotors, on outer edge or disc mounted magnets rotors rotating mostly in one poll of the stator magnets. 2009 artistic copy right.

Copy rights Warning, Trevor Lyn Whatford, The artist and inventor is aware that Solenoid, pneumatics', known drive systems, and known technologies may be added to his art and inventions past and present as variation of his art and inventions and will not considered them as new designs or inventive features as the artist and inventor intends to exploit these option within ongoing works! 

The inventor of the Multi Lever Phenomenon and the Geo Genny does not conceder the Multi Lever Phenomenon and Geo Genny as being in the Public Domain due to failures in the Patent System, this is due to the lack of understanding of the Energy Laws by the Patent System, Mr Trevor Lyn Whatford should not lose his rights to the Intellectual Property of the above due to the Ignorance of the Patent System.  


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My Blogs

A new Andrea Rossi and the E Cat Blog

I read in the news ( I have issues with this site but it is a good source of free energy news though! ) that Rossi is looking for a good sterling engine. This is not surprising given the high energy losses involved in steam generation. To be quite honest the hot cats would not be able to replace the heat quick enough for steam generation so a sterling engine is one of the few means left to use. Making surplus heat is one thing, using it for anything else but heat is some thing else! The hot cat is suppose to be four times over unity but that is over time, the proof will only come when the heat is change back to electricity so you can measure the input against the output. So if you are putting X amount of amps input from a three phase supply then you need to see greater than X out on a three phase output and more importantly the voltages need to be the same for input and output. Then you need to measure how much energy was used to make the Nickel and gas input. I do not see any energy gain with the E-cat or H-cat!

You would be better off using my Peroxide and Catalyse power stations design on page 2 driving compressed air turbines, wherein from the first injection of fuel to driving large multi mega watt generators would happen in less than a couple of minutes.

If only I had the same resources, Geo Gennys would have started change our energy future by now.

Gravity Blogs


I think Physics shot its self in the foot when it made gravity a conservative force.

They will find out soon that Gravity does do work on planetary orbits, A constant pull against Centrifugal Forces is a part of that work, and so is acceleration and deceleration of planets in orbit, and work done requires energy. So remember the basics, it take the same energy to lift the weight up ( planets orbit away from the sun ) as the energy you get from the falling weight (planets acceleration towards the sun ). to add it all up = constant work thus constant energy input. seem they forgot the basics.

If anyone is missing some energy in the Universe I know where they can find some.


This is a physics fact, Gravity accelerate the Earth on a regular basis to provide for much needed Kinetic energy to sustain the Earths Orbit, and this is happening on planets all over the universe, this is why I class gravity as free energy, it is force created from mass and when this force is used to do work the mass remains the same and so does the force, so the force must be constant and it does not cost anything, it is the perfect energy input. OK it will cost money to built a device to tap it but if that device shows a profit after four years then there is your free energy, not as stupid as it sounds! so is gravity really a conservative force, no! it is a renewable energy source, I tend to call its use, free energy from gravity, which is closer to the truth. Most renewable energy's in use to day tend to have there source traced back to gravity, wind, tidal, hydro, why not tap it at source.


Why is a photo of one of my experiments linked to Tom Ferko “Andy” motor and the site, on

1.      Bessler's Wheel - Image Results


3.     Tom Ferko "Andy" motor - Open-sourced design combines the principles ...

4.     95 x 95 | 3.7 KB


I make it very clear that I am in no way linked to the open source program on the peswiki. com site, and have no connection with Tom Ferko. my photo and experiment are not open source, I also make it clear that I have ask Sterling Allan to remove any listing of me and my work on his sites, because I do not want to be associated with any of his sites!

If I open source a design it can only be so in writing from Trevor Lyn Whatford and this is not the case. Please Sterling D Allan correct these errors immediately. 



I am fed up with hearing about Andrea Rossi and the E Cat,

A good E Cat challenge! All Andrea Rossi needs to do is go to a steam railway line, stick a few Hot Cats in the fire box of a locomotive, stick a small diesel generator in the empty coal store and the other bits needed, and run the locomotive for a month, I am sure any of these railways would only be to glad to help and cut there coal bills, that’s it job done everyone’s a winner! In 1 months there’s your proof and steam locomotives make a come back with green credentials! Or it did not work and we can forget about it!

The E cat, if it works and the secret ingredient and the regular servicing is not to expensive, I still do not see it being much use for steam turbines driven Generators as there would be a need for a water input which is not ready available in most countries and is paid for in the others, a hidden cost, plus scale removing and water treatment, it is not so small and compact when all of the above are added! and also not so cheap!

The Hot cat looks similar to a electric Furnace using induction to generate heat, by exciting the atoms of the fuel input, too much heat take off will stall it though if you want to make steam turbine run off it, so would not be good for making Electricity, although it will produce heat I wonder at what cost? there maybe a three phase electricity input needed, a gas supply needed, a metal supply needed, and a secret ingredient needed?


Blog! 17/12/2012 Government Waste of Billions of Tax payers money, That is your money and will mean Higher Taxes to Pay for there waste!!!

The Government is now going to build wind turbines in Africa at the cost of millions, but what if I am right and the Geo Genny works? there is still nothing in place to help me or the stand alone inventor, they just send you round in circles to departments geared up for companies and you just get past around until your back at the start. Its also a shame we have to buy our wind turbine from abroad so when we build wind turbines in Africa, there will not be many British manufacturing jobs created here compared to jobs abroad, it will be even worst if I am right with the Geo Genny, because there will be no need for wind turbines only there generators that are almost ready to put straight on Geo Genny's, that is what the Geo Genny invention was design for! Think of how much money would have been wasted compared to a small fund to find out if I am right and there is no need for wind turbines. I may be wrong but should we not find out to be 100% sure that we are not throwing Billions of pounds away world wide, forget Physics, its all about leverage advantage!!!  

The UK Government should know that they have nothing in place to help the on his own inventor, when you consider the amount of new inventions that come from sole inventors I find it hard to believe! they should make it easy for these inventors to get help to bring there ideas to the market, the system in place is company orientated and the smallest company that qualify for grants would need ten people and a two million pound turnover ( they call this a micro company), this eliminates most of the small companies  with new ideas, in short the inventor needs to give a large slice of his invention to get a large company onboard if they want it that is, large companies have there own R&D team geared to the companies strategy so they are not likely to want to take on a invention that would remove the need for there products.

Trade Secrets of the Geo Genny

23/12/2012  Trade Secrets, all though the clever people should have seen it on the video. I need to go for the Geo Genny push over wheels option as soon as possible to prove my theory as quick as possible, if I am correct there will be two functions, rotating in one direction the generators will try and lift the weighted levers up, but there will be a surplus weight and leverage to prevent that!  When rotated in the other direction the levers force are being pushed into the wheel bearings, thus should need very little weight and will match the generator push with leverage as the levers leverage will be designed to match the load and then some! Because all wheels are rotating together means both options will work, as you should Know there is a large advantage to reduce weight and size, this will be given my full attention when I can get back to work on my experiments! Also without the weights option the Geo Genny is not restricted to a Gravity input, and can be used with any input! allowing a larger variety of other function for torque multiplying in any system! There are other advantages within the Geo Genny mechanics as well, such as load sharing and balancing, Note when not using Gravity as a second input, the Geo Genny can become  torque amplifiers in its own right, albeit in only one direction, wherein it can be used with good RPM in vertical or horizontal use to boost outputs torque it could also have smaller weights added to take advantage of centrifugal force times the leverage, in short, this is all achieved by adding Bearing assisted Leverage to a multi tap off device!

How it works, if you have one unit of energy in and there is 8 levers with 8 to 1 leverage ratio then with 8 output tap offs there is 1 in and 8 out when rotated at 1 turn of the one in, and one turn of the 8 outputs but not restricted to, no physics laws are broken just a 8 ( any number ) tap off device using leverage advantage. when looking at the drawing below (figure 1, WR) you can see the push over wheels could be easily replaced with circle slots and the lever ends having bearing wheels to run in the slots or similar or the pushed over lever wheel maybe frame fixed on its own axel, or there maybe a wheel each side of the pushed over wheel so the levers cannot be lifted away from their path I still think the push over wheels using weighted levers is the best option though, this is because there is a added input from gravity, thus a extra dimension. I would not like to restricted my invention use though, so I have released this information to show the Geo Genny can be used as a device that can increase outputs and numbers of outputs. There are so many variables, mechanical layouts, ratios, sizes, number of items, uses, and other options. 

The Basic Principals,

1. Rotating weighted levers systems in a near counterbalance state then tapping there leverage to do work!

2.  Adding a number of levers and tap offs points to multiple the energy input, to a number of energy outputs by gaining Mechanical Advantage on the outputs by rotating the levers.

3.  Using mechanical linkage connections on driven rotating weighted lever systems that are used to drive generators, wherein the forces transfers and the weight of components are kept in a reasonable state of balanced across the rotating frame to gain a gravity force input greater than the systems paid for rotary input, wherein there is much less paid for energy input required to drive a reasonable balanced load. 

4.  Rotating a number of bearing assisted levers to multiply the input force into a number of output force take offs.

5.  Rotating a number of Gravity assisted weighted bearing assisted levers to multiply the input force into a number of output force take offs.

6.  Rotating a number of spring assisted levers to multiply the input force into a number of output take offs.

7.  Mix and match the above, also adding known mechanical systems. 

A Universal Charging Infrastructure Proposal

I wrote some where ( I will find it and post the link ) that electric car chargers should be  primary coils in parking lots with the secondary car mounted charging coil underneath the car. This is so you just drive and park the car in the parking lot and it starts charging. A vehicle recognition system can then charge the customer for the energy used. The owner would have a primary charging coil at home. Think about it, its raining you just parked your car you just get out and go about your business no messing about plugging and unplugging your car, and better still no driving off still plugged in. They could be placed any where you park cars. Not just cars but electric busses as well, every bus stop could have this charging system. It would be best to get this type of universal charging infrastructure up and running so we can have a practical electric car charging system before we go electric.  The same system could be used to energize car mounted hydrogen converters for hydrogen powered cars. First though we need to start making clean electricity, if not there is no point!


Take a look at this site  

24/07/2013 I know a lot of people who visit this site must be interested in this sort of stuff, and maybe even have your own Ideas, so here is a link for a interesting site with a bit of history, there are also a lot of drawing there, check out the MT drawings brought to light again by Bill ( Maschinen Tractate  )  , also checkout the members drawings and you will see that a lot of people go over the same old ground. when I found this site I had already built about 8 of the MT concepts, and if I had found them sooner It would have save me time and money. there is a heavy sceptic slant there but that's not a bad thing if you keep a open mind and think for your self. 




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